Courses in painting and life drawing with Geoffrey Humphries can be arranged with Holly Snapp Gallery. These courses give students of all abilities, from beginners to advanced professionals, a chance to paint with the Maestro in some of his favourite iconic haunts - and learn some tips and techniques along the way. These are not only painting courses, but unique adventures in a fast-disappearing Venice, in the company of the painter who has captured her timeless but fragile charms for over forty years. Not for the faint-hearted, this course expects its participants to be good-tempered, reasonable, and ready for anything.

        Courses are limited to no more than twelve students, for whom limited accommodation is available in the studio itself. These courses generally but not always include morning painting "plein air" in Venice, a suggestion for lunch at an excellent nearby bacaro, and further painting and/or life drawing in the famous Giudecca studio in the afternoon. Private tuition can be organized individually by contacting Holly Snapp Gallery.

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